Welcome to How To Work In Travel, the definitive guide to how the travel industry works and how you can land a job in travel. As a seasoned tourism executive currently working for a major international tourism board, I will introduce all facets of the travel industry to you in step-by-step, easy to digest detail.

Although there are books out there that help you to leave your job and explore the world full-time, this is the only eBook that will help you to make travel your professional career. You do not need to sacrifice income and lifestyle in order to see the world. Let me show you how!

  • Learn the Industry
    • 147 packed pages of information on all aspects of the travel industry
    • Dozens of exclusive diagrams that explain the tourism value chain
    • Important travel industry trends with explanations
    • Insider knowledge on cutting edge information sources
    • Over 100 travel industry terms and vocabulary explained in detail
  • Meet the Players
    • A look at tour operator and travel agent careers
    • Unfolding the hospitality industry - jobs with airlines and hotels
    • Understanding the support structures of the travel industry
    • Detailed background on the function of government organizations
  • Start Your Search
    • Sample travel job descriptions
    • Detailed salary guides with real-life examples
    • Calendars of all major travel trade shows globally
    • Comprehensive org charts of tourism boards, airlines, embassies, agencies, hotels and more
    • Listing and tourism contact info for 180 different countries
  • Make an Impression
    • Sample resumes
    • Presenting your travels, study abroad and other skills
    • An overview of how to utilize social media platforms
    • How to present your credentials in the most relevant way possible
    • A special section on mega events - careers with the Olympics and World Cup

    There's Much More Than This!
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Long before I worked in the travel industry, I was a traveler. I've been lucky enough to explore 80 different countries on all six inhabited continents and have had the chance to both live and work around the world for most of my professional career. I've worked on major international projects in Australia, China, France and South Africa and I continue to circle the globe several times each year. I share many of my travel experiences on Style Hi Club.

Professionally, I run a marketing consultancy specializing in Destination Marketing. We work with major international tourism boards and travel brands all over the world. I also sit on various travel industry boards. Every day I remind myself how lucky I am to have had the opportunity to combine my love of travel with my career. The travel industry is complicated, and as a way of giving back, I want to help others to have the same opportunities by becoming knowledgeable, informed and able to identify possibilities otherwise unknown.

What if my current career has nothing to do with travel?
Most people buy this guide specifically because their career has nothing to do with the travel industry. This eBook will teach you everything you need to become an expert on the travel industry and apply the skills you do have to take your career in an exciting, new direction.

What if I've never actually traveled anywhere?
Now is the time to start! With the information in this book you will know exactly where to start and where you can take some risks to kick off a career in travel.

What if I have questions that aren't answered in this book?
Along with the book you will get my personal contact details. I am happy to assist personally as much as possible.

What if I don't find this eBook useful?
Just let me know you are not satisfied within 60 days and I will be happy to refund you. I stand behind my product and want to help you however I can. If you are not satisfied, neither am I.

"This is an incredibly detailed guide to get anyone started on a career path in the travel industry. What's especially fantastic about this book is that it covers both the jobs you might expect (working with airlines or hotels) and those you might not (working with tourism boards or PR agencies), even offering organizational charts with specific job titles. No matter what your skillset is, you're likely to find a way to fit into the enormous travel world."
"This is the only guide I know of that offers such thorough insight into the tourism industry, while, more importantly, providing the kind of insider information that will help you find and apply for your "dream" job. There really are endless opportunities to work in this field and this material is the key that will unlock more doors than you could ever imagine."
Derek "Earl" Baron, Travel Blogger at WanderingEarl.com
"How to Work in Travel is a must read for anyone considering a career in the Travel Industry. This is the best and most comprehensive book on careers in the Travel Industry I have read. The references, terminology, sample resumes, helpful hints and insight into the industry are a major help in compiling information for my success."
Jennifer Kam, Aspiring Tourism Professional
"How to Work in Travel takes you on a deep dive journey into the depths of the travel industry, providing a thorough evaluation and clear understanding of the industry at large. It dissects the complexities and speaks in a voice that is engaging and encouraging. If you're looking to get into this business, How to Work in Travel will guide you in the right direction, offering insights and details on potential career opportunities."
Kimberley Thomas, Print Advertising Manager at Group M
"How to Work in Travel is a current, comprehensive overview of the travel industry that includes practical guidance and advice from an experienced industry professional. This ebook saves the reader countless hours of personal research by providing descriptions of industry players, travel industry terms and definitions, easy to follow value chain flowcharts, sample organizational charts, job descriptions, current salaries, a list of tourism boards and their U.S. locations, names of companies specializing in tourism, advice on how to utilize social media, and much more. This should be the go to guide for anyone contemplating a career in the travel and tourism field!"
Kristine M, Tourism Student at New York University
"For passionate travelers who want to make a profession of doing what they love, this is a really comprehensive and useful map to navigate that journey. What better guide could one ask for, then an author who has already successfully traveled down the same road."

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